Libra Rebranded

The Libra association in its anticipation of a 2021 launch has decided to rebrand itself and distance the initial blow back press it received. Libra will be now known or branded as Diem. The 27 member firms comprising the association...

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The JPM Coin

The financial  world’s eyes were all fixed on  Wall Street Banker J.P. Morgan when it announced its’ plans to launch the JPM coin in February 2019. The JPM coin is a blockchain-powered digital currency designed to facilitate lightning fast payments,...

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RegTech on the Rise

Regulatory Technology  also known as “RegTech”  is the use of cutting-edge technology to help companies address  their regulatory compliance more efficiently.  RegTech is maturing quickly but is still in its formative years.  Today,  firms appear to be  scrambling to automate...

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Libor - Hand writing word to represent the meaning of financial word as concept. A word Libor is a part of Investment&Wealth management in stock photo.

Libor as a Benchmark to Disappear

The world’s most highly accepted benchmark reference rate is set to sunset publication as a global reference rate on December 31, 2021. For a long time, the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) has been an important part of virtually every...

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Bitcoin Continues to Climb

Bitcoin blew through another landmark a few days ago, soaring through the $50,000 price point for the first time.  Investors worldwide continue to be captivated by the blistering upward price surge in the world’s largest cryptocurrency. This last week Bitcoin...

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The Pandemic and Cybersecurity

It is undeniable that COVID-19 is one of the notable crises in human welfare in recent history.   The pandemic will likely go down as the most severe public health disaster in a century. The COVID-19 pandemic has both tested our will and...

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